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Arkansas Lands

Real property in the state of Arkansas consists of lands owned by federal government agencies, state government agencies, local municipalities and counties, and businesses and individuals.

State owned lands consist of real property owned by state agencies, departments, boards, commissions, or institutions of the state. Examples of this range from government buildings to hospitals to state parks or wildlife management areas. The Commissioner of State Lands office is a repository for deeds and inventories of these state owned lands.

Real property in Arkansas also comes to the Commissioner of State Lands’ office through the process of tax-delinquent certifications from the 75 county collector offices in the state. Certified real properties may be redeemed from our office or sold through public or post auction parcels. You can find details about that process by clicking on the following links for public and post auction catalogs.

The above map features layers of: State-Owned Lands, Post Auction Parcels and Upcoming Auction Parcels. **Note – Post Auction Parcels are available for purchase right now. Upcoming Auction Parcels will have an auction date and are not available until that date. Upcoming Auction Parcels only appear on the map when an auction is scheduled.** State-owned lands are not for sale.

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